World Gone Sour Story Trailer/Screens and Release Date

Puzzle platformer with bite-sized heroes coming next month
Capcom has released a new trailer and six more screenshots from World Gone Sour, this time showcasing the PS3/Xbox 360 versions of this game based on the popular Sour Then Sweet candy Sour Patch Kids. World Gone Sour takes players on a journey from the perspective of a lost piece of candy finding its way to its ultimate destination - the human stomach. Gamers take on the role of a miniature Sour Patch Kid in a stylized human-sized world, guiding the hero through unique locations such as the sticky floors of a movie theatre and a spooky shack. Players will need to use a combination of jumps, twists and puzzle-solving to negotiate and overcome larger than life obstacles.
World Gone Sour is now available for PC - the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions will arrive on April 10th and April 11th respectively.