Blades of Time Xbox 360 Demo Released

Experience Time-Rewind gameplay with beautiful sword-wielding heroine Ayumi
A playable demo of Blades of Time is now available via Xbox LIVE, allowing you to try out this action game developed by Gaijin Entertainment. In Blades of Time, players don the persona of the gorgeous treasure hunter, Ayumi. Deadly with both guns and swords, Ayumi finds herself in a remote land of lush trees and majestic landscapes. On the hunt for treasure, she quickly learns that she's not alone on this island. Armed with her dual katanas and arsenal of rifles, she'll do battle with gargoyles, monsters and various sinister forces to uncover the secrets of this dangerous place. As carves a path of destruction through Dragonland, she accumulates more powers and better weaponry that make for a thrilling and rewarding game experience.
Blades of Time features a game mechanic called "Time Rewind", which allows players to clone themselves and travel back in time to attack enemies and solve puzzles.