Ridge Racer Unbounded Basic and Advanced City Editor Trailer

With the City Creator the racing never ends - create the tons of new tracks to race on your own to share with fans all over the world (1:42)
We have a new video for Ridge Racer Unbounded, a racing game developed by Bugbear Entertainment and due to be launched in Europe on March 30th, for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. In single player mode, players must impress Kara Shindo, leader of the Unbounded gang, to develop street cred in Shatter Bay through high-speed destruction. Domination Race encourages players to destroy everything in sight including rival cars, the environment and other traffic on the road. Survival Race gives the player one car and one chance to avoid destruction to finish in first place. Additional game modes include action focused on just taking out other cars, drifting and dueling. In addition to the single player mode, racers can take their driving skills online against other players in several multiplayer modes.