iPhone/iPad from Hell 21 March 2012

Round up of new Games/Apps for your iPhone/iPad based devices
If you want any iOS based games or entertainment related application added on these roundups, feel free to contact us.

1. Panda Game is a puzzle game played on a 7 x 9 grid, which requires players to think far in advance to solve the puzzle. The panda must reach the exit square, and he can find his way to most empty squares by moving one square at a time, horizontally or vertically. Some squares contain obstacles, which force him to go around, if possible. Only rafts can go across water, and once on the raft he must go as far as possible in his chosen direction. Get it on iTunes/App Store.

2. Shinobi ZIN is a skill, puzzle and strategy game where players endeavor to become Ninja Warriors. The goal of the game is to sneak into a castle and find a hidden treasure while circumventing obstacles, avoiding traps, solving puzzles, and defeating dangerous enemies. The player who completes all the prescribed tasks becomes a true Ninja Warrior in this challenging, entertaining game that makes use of many iOS features while testing player skill and speed. Get it on iTunes/App Store.

3. With Dress the Politician, you get your favorite politician ready for national leadership. Get it on iTunes/App Store.

4. Mystery Lighthouse recreates the atmosphere of the classic point and click adventure games of times gone by. Players find themselves exploring Blackrock Lighthouse in search of their missing Uncle. The island hides many secrets and by piecing together the clues and solving the puzzles; a unique and exciting story is revealed. Get it on iTunes/App Store.

5. In Rain Secrets, you will watch as large drops of rain fall from the sky onto a field of grass and pink flowers in this beautiful, tranquil puzzle game. You are given 12 kinds of water drops, with the shape and contour of a certain puddle. Your goal is to put all the drops into this puddle. Drops can be rotated, it is done by double click. Pinch-to-zoom and move drops by fingers. Helpful tips are featured throughout gameplay to assist the player in solving each puzzle. Get it on iTunes/App Store.