Mass Effect 3 Bounty Weekend Underway

Time to shoot for level 20 with your favorite character, or build up your N7 rating with this weekend's +25% experience
Last weekend, Mass Effect 3 fans joined forces to push back the Reapers in Operation Goliath. With over 3 million brutes killed, their numbers have been decimated and the Reaper forces have been beaten back. As a reward for that outstanding performance, you are invited to join your friends online to participate in the N7 Bounty Weekend by taking advantage of Operation Fortress between 5 PM PST Friday, March 23 and 5 AM PST Monday, March 26.
To participate, all you need to do is play Mass Effect 3 multiplayer during the listed time period - you will get a 25% XP bonus that applies to all enemies, maps, and challenge levels.