Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers Unveiled and Screens

Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers builds on the success of Gardens of Time and Blackwood & Bell to bring players a social, ecologically minded gameplay experience
Developed by Playdom and published by Disney Interactive, Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers offers players the chance to join the Global Wildlife Research (GWR) team, an international organisation of conservationists, environmentalists and naturalists on a mission to protect injured, threatened or endangered wildlife. Players can create and nurture their own wildlife nature preserve around the Tree of Life populated with their favourite exotic animals, and search for hidden objects in spectacular natural settings from the Rocky Mountains to the Amazon Rainforest to the Australian Outback.
Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers features unique theme and animation inspired by scenes and locations from Disney Animal Kingdom theme park - two of the game’s locations will be particularly familiar to Disney fans, as Harambe and Anandapur draw inspiration directly from Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park. Six screenshots found their way in our gallery.