Alien Spidy Teaser Trailer

The trailer showcases heross spectacular arrival on planet Earth and the quick reflexes required to negotiate the numerous pitfalls and enemies he encounters
Kalypso Media has released a new movie for Alien Spidy, a platform adventure game set in a 2D/3D environment with gameplay mechanics based on controlled physics. After losing contact with his explorer friend Virgi, fearless alien hero Spidy heads to Earth in his spacecraft to find her. While entering the Earth's atmosphere, his spacecraft suddenly fails and starts to break up, causing Spidy to crash-land on the strange planet, with his craft scattered across forests, throughout ponds and into dark caves. Spidy finds himself alone on an alien world and faces the epic challenge of tracking down Virgi, battling strange new enemies and finding the missing pieces from his spacecraft in order to repair the damage and make their escape home. In the works at Enigma Software Productions, Alien Spidy will launch in Q2 2012, for PC, Mac, PS3 and Xbox 360.