Reverb Games Attends PAX East 2012

Find Reverb Games at Booth 808
Reverb Games sent over a press release announcing that its PAX East 2012 lineup includes the following titles: Dungeon Defenders (XBLA, PSN, Steam), Primal Carnage (PC), Sine Mora (XBLA), Black Knight Sword (XBLA, PSN, Steam), Bang Bang Racing (XBLA, PSN), JAM Live Music Arcade (XBLA, PSN), Jeremy McGrath's Offroad (XBLA, PSN), Shoot Many Robots (XBLA, PSN, PC), Girl Fight (XBLA, PSN), Wheels of Destruction (PSN), Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3), and Country Dance All Stars (Kinect). In addition, they will reveal a yet-to-be announced artistic re-envisioning of one of the most iconic gaming properties of all time.