Coloropus Released and Trailer/Demo/Screens

Step into a beautiful world down in the blue depths of the oceans
Developed by Pigsels Media, Coloropus is an underwater themed adventure/puzzle game about a little octopus and his adventures while struggling to save his girlfriend Pinky who got kidnapped by strange creature just after they met the first time. Gameplay is based on solving color mixing and physics puzzles - player can explore a large ocean world, fight with angry monsters, find and use lots of different items, collect upgrades for his octopus and interact with friendly sea inhabitants.
The game has no use of spoken and written language. All interactions between the game character and NPCs come as little comics in speech bubbles telling main storyline and providing a player with hints. There is karma system in game - if Coloropus dies he goes either to heaven or hell depending on playing style. Player can return to the place he ended up dying after successful escape and resurrection.
A trailer, a playable demo and eight screenshots have been added in our download area.