Forge of Empires Closed Beta Begins

Players can now apply for one of a few thousand keys to access the game before the official launch
InnoGames today announced the start of the closed beta test of Forge of Empires, a browser-based strategy game that allows players to create a city and develop it from the Stone Age onward throughout the centuries. Players can create a vast empire through military campaigns and skillful dealings, as well as discovering new technology and building impressive historical buildings. On top of this, one must foster a healthy culture for citizens and develop trading techniques to ensure proper building supplies.
With the start of the closed beta, Forge of Empires implemented some fresh components. On top of improved battle mechanics and a messaging system, the new trading feature will allow players to finally exchange rare goods, like honey or gold - with NPCs as well as with other players. This allows one to focus on a limited number of various goods buildings.