Shoot Many Robots PC Version at PAX East 2012

At the booth, several PC kiosks with Shoot Many Robots will be playable, which is the first time the PC version will be playable anywhere
The PC version of Shoot Many Robot, the latest game developed by Demiurge Studios, will be playable at PAX East 2012 April 6-8 - Demiurge will be hosting The Great Control Scheme Throwdown. The default control scheme for the console version of Shoot Many Robots used a single stick for running and shooting (like classic run-and-gunners such as Metal Slug), but many players prefer a more modern, dual-stick approach (like more recent entries to the genre such as Crash Commando). On display at booth 612, they'll have a special build of the game rigged with both control schemes and will be hosting head-to-head competitions of Shoot Many Robots featuring each of the options. At the end of PAX, a victor will be declared.
Shoot Many Robots for PC will arrive via Steam on April 6th, 2012.