AirMech at PAX East 2012 and Screens/Trailer

Carbon Games will be showing AirMech at PAX East 2012, and giving away PAX-exclusive ingame item
AirMech, a F2P Action-RTS inspired by Herzog Zwei and DotA style games, where players do battle in teams of transforming robots, will be showcased at at PAX East 2012 next week, Carbon Games announced. The dev team will be on hand to discuss the game and distribute PAX-exclusive ingame items to fans.
In AirMech, currently in beta testing, players pilot a variety of transforming robots each with their own special abilities, and field their own selection of units to support them. AirMech can be played right now in Chrome by visiting this website or players can register for the closed PC test.
A trailer has been added in our download area.

AirMech on PC
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