DiRT Showdown Short Series Trailers

A couple of videos from a series that takes you backstage on DiRT Showdown's new world of motorised mayhem
Codemasters today released a pair of new movies from DiRT Showdown, an action packed extension of the DiRT series. In DiRT Showdown, players will jump into a new world of competitive and combative racing, boosting, tricking and smashing their way to 'Showdown' finals on a chaotic tour of motorised mayhem. Players will use nitrous to blast past rivals and negotiate courses filled with ramps, multiple routes and obstacles in full-contact Racing events. In addition, Ken Block's all new Gymkhana FOUR H.F.H.V. Ford Fiesta debuts alongside an eclectic mix of vehicles across a range of classes.
DiRT Showdown will launch in May 2012 for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.