Team Assault: Baptism of Fire Released

3D turn-based tactical game focuses on realistic, turn-based combat on tactical platoon-level scale
Matrix Games and Slitherine have announced the launch of Team Assault: Baptism of Fire, a 3D turn-based tactical game set during World War II and created by Swedish developer Zeal. Players will experience realistic combat, utilizing more than 20 Allied and Axis accurately-modeled weapons that take into consideration of weapon accuracy, penetration versus cover, recoil and encumbrance. Soldier's morale, cover, and using flanking maneuvers are just some of the factors players will have to keep an eye on.
Team Assault: Baptism of Fire also features nearly endless customization with a Force Builder to create custom squads for use in battle. You can create new battlefields with the in-game map editor to create new tactical situations. And you can take the fight online to engage in battle against other players, complete with ranking system, using custom-created squads.