Majestic-12 Announced and Screens

Stylized, futuristic human vs. aliens co-op action to debut at PAX East with Reverb at Booth 808
Along with these two screenshots, Reverb Publishing announced Majestic-12, a 3D futuristic action sidescroller developed by Exis Interactive for digital download platforms. Aliens, once in alliance with mankind, have uncovered man's plot to turn against them. An all-out firefight ensues and your fellow Majestic-12 councilmen are taken captive. As one of the few surviving Majestic-12 members, it is your job to put an end to the evil alien revenge! Featuring intense co-op action with a decidedly retro run-and-gun feel, Majestic-12 sets players in a bullet hell environment amongst core-casual gameplay that's easy to pick up hard to master.
Majestic-12 will make its official debut at PAX East 2012 (April 6-8) at the Reverb Publishing booth (808).