Dungeon Defenders Series EV DLC Released and Patch/Trailer

The PC version of Dungeon Defenders is getting another class, this time with a whole new kind of defens
Trendy Entertainment today announced that new content for Dungeon Defenders has been launched on Steam. With Series EV you can place electronic beams of any length - the longer the length the more Defense Units it costs to place.
Series EV can store up to two guns and magic staffs in her memory bank, reproducing their capabilities with her "Assimilable Range Cannon", and can switch between any two such weapons on the fly. Furthermore, EV can consume vast quantities of mana to unleash a destructive Proton Charge Blast and project a holographic decoy which will attract and confuse enemies before exploding in their faces.
In related news, another patch is also available via Steam and a trailer for this DLC is now locally mirrored.