World of Tanks Update 7.2 Launched and Screens

The update introduces a set of new vehicles and battle arenas
Along with these nine screenshots, launched a new update for its free-to-play action MMO World of Tanks, adding two new maps, the Italian Province and the American Live Oaks. The 7.2 Update also adds the long-awaited branch of U.S. tank destroyers with rotating turrets, plus 22 all-new crew skills and perks for virtual tankmen to master. Additionally, to ease the learning curve, the update provides World of Tanks newcomers with a new tutorial to smoothen their entry into the game.
Other significant changes include the replacement of top-tier American heavies T34 and T30 with M103 and T110E5, respectively, with the T34 becoming a tier-8 premium heavyweight and T30 to top the new line of tank destroyers.