Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 3 Unveiled

DDS: Pro Basketball 3 to come with a handful of improvements over its predecessor
Wolverine Studios today revealed the development of Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 3, a new title in their line of professional and collegiate sports management simulations. Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 3 will be presented in a full screen mode, which works much like it does in DDS: CB2 where the main areas of data are presented in the same size regardless but those with higher screen resolutions will see additional data. DDS: CB2 contained the "widgets" but those have been replaced, and there are four stationary items that may or may not appear: a weekly schedule, a next opponent bar, the bottom team info bar and a league news area. The goal is to use up the available screen size by pushing relevant data to you so that you can see as much about your league as possible.
Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 3 will introduce the use of "Season Disks" - the disks are going to be available as an add-on to the game for a small cost. The basic game still comes with the 2011 roster file that you can play either before the draft or at the start of the season without any additional purchase required. But the season disks will come with league history built in - you'll have data on every historical player so that you can pick up your team at the start of the 2011 season and move forward with a full history behind you. They also will contain a rookie file that you can import that season's rookies into - so if you had a 2010 season going then when it asks you prior to that season to choose your rookies you would select to import the 2011 season disk and you would have the 2011 rookies brought into your association to draft in the next season.