MotorStorm RC Carnival DLC Released and Trailer

Party harder and faster this Easter with the Carnival Expansion for MotorStorm RC
Sony Computer Entertainment has announced that Carnival, a new expansion to MotorStorm RC, is now available to download for PlayStation 3 & PlayStation Vita via PlayStation Store. You will take your radio-controlled racing rivalries to the next level as you compete for glory in a carnival park after-hours, battling for PlayStation Trophies and triple-medal status in every event to become champion of the biggest MotorStorm RC Festival to date.
This DLC includes 24 all-new Race, Pursuit, Hot Lap and Drift events, all staged in the Carnival Festival on six extreme racing circuits - with 72 medals to win before you challenge your friends and rivals worldwide to make sure you're faster than them all on every event. You can hunt down four new PlayStation Trophies (Bronze, Silver x2, Gold) on your way to triple-medalling all 24 new events and a Gold Trophy for becoming a super-quick Carnival Champion. You can also collect eight new vehicle models each with four Carnival-style liveries and also four color scheme choices per livery for a greater level of personalization – that’s 16 designs for each vehicle.
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