Solar Tycoon Unveiled and Trailer

Are you able to think through, plan ahead and react fast? Solar Tycoon will put you to the test
Developed by Digital Dreams for the Utrecht University, Solar Tycoon is a multiplayer simulation game teaching students how to run a company. In Solar Tycoon, each player owns a solar panel producing firm, and has to compete with other players to make their firm the most thriving in the industry. They have to analyze the market, strategize, carry out their plans and take risks.
Solar Tycoon is a fun way of learning how to run your company, and gives insight on how small changes can have a mayor impact on market position. If the government is giving grants to customers for buying solar panels, this might seem like extra easy money, but it could actually result in you losing potential costumers.
Solar Tycoon is made to be played by students of the University Utrecht during the Nature science and Innovation Management class, and can therefore not be played by outsiders. A trailer is now locally mirrored.