I Am Alive Released for PS3

Beat impossible odds and survive in a realistic postapocalyptic environment
Ubisoft has announced that I Am Alive, the latest game developed by Ubisoft Shanghai, is now available on Sony Entertainment Network. Players will enter Haventon one year after "The Event" - a mysterious cataclysmic disaster - and will be challenged while traveling the direful environment. Using a unique Stamina system, players will have to manage their energy while scaling the buildings in Haventon. Those who use their stamina well will gain access to areas with more resources.
I Am Alive takes a realistic approach to the survival action-adventure genre, challenging players to strategically assess situations from a real-life perspective. In the new combat system, players will focus on intimidation and bluffing to gain the upper hand. Resources are scarce and an empty gun may be your only hope in a torn-down society.