Loc Released and Screens/Trailer/Demo

3D puzzle game available for Windows and PC - iOS/Android versions coming soon
Developed by Birnam Wood Games, Loc is a 3D puzzle in which you have been taken prisoner by the last vengeful Queen of the Faeries who wishes to keep you in her now empty kingdom as a penalty for the harm caused by man on nature's balance. You must escape by solving "loc" puzzles that lie between you and freedom. Solving these puzzles may seem a simple challenge: a surface is covered with tiles of stone, each with a path carved into it – there are three different types of tiles with different styles of paths, and by knitting those together into one “road” from start to finish through specific "gate" locations, you unlock each puzzle.
Thing are taken up a notch when the "road" has to run over the 3D surface of a cube, forcing the player to use spatial reasoning to overcome different puzzles of varying complexity. As you progress your captor grows weaker and weaker – perhaps making you wonder if your victory is worth the destruction of something that only sought to keep nature in balance.
Several screenshots, a trailer and a demo have been added in our download area.