Arctic Combat Unseen Danger Trailer

Discovery of buried resources in Arctic Ocean and beginning of conflict (1:32)
Webzen today released a new video for Arctic Combat, an upcoming free-to-play MMORPG based on a story of national conflict between two forces, the AF and RSA, caused by a resource disputation in the Arctic territory. The conflict between the AF, led by USA, and RSA, led by Russia, resulted a world divided into two, marking the beginning of World War III.
Arctic Combat's new synopsis trailer reveals the initial dispute between US, NATO, and Russia after the announcement of the estimated amount of buried resources beneath the Arctic Ocean. The trailer shows actual military line-up scenes and Wikileaks cases that express conflicts and conspiracies adding realism to the trailer. Also, actual in-game play scenes featuring tactical strategies can be seen in the trailer including helicopter fire support and artillery bombardment. Other distinctive tactical assets are flamethrowers, UAVs, and rocket launchers, which can be used to reverse the battle situation.