Vsevolod Prologue Free Game

Traditional 3rd person point-and-click adventure game
Developed by SVARUN Studios, Vsevolod is a traditional 2D point-and-click adventure in the vein of the most well known classics of the genre, completely drawn by hand (background art, as well as character animation). The gameplay, as in other similar games, revolves around solving various inventory based and mechanical puzzles, dialogues, using spells in form of short musical phrases to interact with the game world.
Vsevolod takes place in an alternate world somewhat similar to this Earth's XIX century, where the delicate peace enjoyed by the peoples of Germania and Greater Slavic Empire is threatened by the blood-thirsty hordes of the Republic of Britannia. This world never knew Christianity, so the colorful paganism of Slavic and Germanic peoples is, at least in this game, very much alive and well.
The latest version of the game, now locally mirrored, offers roughly 2 hours of gameplay.