Pinkerton Road Studio Formed and Kickstarter Campaign Started

Independent studio to focus on dramatic story games for PC and tablets
Game designer Jane Jensen and composer Robert Holmes have formed Pinkerton Road Studio, which will use a new model, "Community Supported Gaming" (CSG), a concept Jensen and Holmes derived from Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), a subscription model in which consumers financially support independent organic farms in exchange for regular orders of fresh produce and a direct relationship with the people growing their food. Jensen and Holmes plan to build a similar community relationship through the development and delivery of their games.
To kick off Pinkerton Road's initial CSG season, which will run through June 2013, they have launched a Kickstarter campaign with a $300,000 funding goal.
During Pinkerton Road's inaugural 2012-2013 season, the studio will develop up to three games funded by backer donations as well as private investments. In return, the studio's CSG members will get first access to the games, regular video updates from Jane, opportunities to participate in beta tests and weigh in on development decisions, and, at the higher donation tiers, receive an exclusive invite to an on-site open house to meet the Pinkerton Road family in person at the studio farm. Three game concepts are currently under consideration, and project backers will get to vote for which game Pinkerton Road makes first.