Guns of Icarus Online Pre-Order Offer and Trailer

Pre-orders for the game are now live if you missed the Kickstarter campaign
Muse Games has announced that all pre-order packages for Guns of Icarus Online are 25% off - pre-order does not include access to closed beta, however, openings for closed beta may be available to those who sign up for the newsletter. Guns of Icarus Online is the first co-operative airship combat game mixing together first-person shooter action with team-based strategy. Up to four people will crew a ship, taking on one of the key roles of Captain, Gunner, or Engineer, and battling it out against other ships above the post-apocalyptic waste. In Guns of Icarus Online it will take teamwork and tactics to dominate the skies
A gameplay movie is now available focusing on what it will look like as you're blasting your rivals out of the sky.