Dungeon Striker Announced and Screens/Trailer

Fast-paced battles with small characters that can tear through the dungeons attacking monsters as fast as 10 times a second
Eyedentity Games today announced Dungeon Striker, an online action RPG which will be published through NHN Korea in South Korea, where its first CBT begins on April 27th, 2012. Dungeon Striker offers a skill system where skills not only build synergy with each other, but also various class skills can be combined almost infinitely. A Mage could heal and fight close-range battles, while a Warrior could set traps or stealth. The game also offers controls simple enough that battles could be fought single-handed. Moving and loading time is much reduced by Way Point and Portal functions that send characters to a wanted place easily. With random map generation dungeons change every time characters enter, making leveling up and item farming are not as repetitive.
Five screenshots and a video have been added in our download area.