Planet Buster Demo

Use your brain cells and strategically arrange planets to trigger chain-reactions and loot plenty of gold
Exit Strategy Entertainment has released a playable demo of Planet Buster, a puzzle game set in the Pirates of New Horizons universe and developed for for PC and Mac. Planet Buster features 48 puzzle stages, 18 carefully designed "challenge levels", an interactive map of the game's universe, including previously unreleased concept art, and an arsenal of 6 unique special abilities. The game doesn't restrict players to swap only adjacent tiles, thus allowing them to strategically arrange long chains of planets. Though each move comes at a price: one coin, these can be recollected on the playing field by chaining combos together. The bigger the chain-reactions are, the more coins will appear on the field. This calls for deeper strategic thinking, and is one of the central features that sets the game apart from other match-3 puzzle games.