AZMD! Scorepocalypse Announced and Trailer

In the standalone spin-off to All Zombies Must Die!, the only thing that really matters is your score
In AZMD! Scorepocalypse, a standalone spin-off to All Zombies Must Die!, players step into the sturdy boots of McJagger, a stoic soldier whose chief concern is to put as many points on the board as humanly possible (and perhaps save a few lives in the process). To that end, your mission remains: all zombies must die. The zombies have stepped things up a gear this time around, though, and now come in three brand new flavours: Soldier, Necro and Ghost. Fret not, however, there are two new weapons to put ‘em in their place: Rocket Launcher, and Mini-gun. Bosh.
Your score is based on a combination of two multipliers, one of which increases as you complete quests that appear organically as you play, and the other based on how many environmental modifiers you've managed to apply to the undead. Use fire, shock, sonic and radiation - and the environments themselves - to your full advantage, and get the highest score possible.
AZMD! Scorepocalypse will be released by doublesixon April 16 via Steam - a video is now locally mirrored.