Lock On v1.02 US/UK Patch

Ubi Soft has issued the second english patch for Lock On: Modern Air Combat, bringing the both US and UK version of this recent modern combat flight simulation by Flying Legends to v1.02. This update adds new CCRP bombing mode for U.S. aircraft & "aeronautical mode" for Russian aircraft, improves performance of AGP-63 Radar for the F-15C, corrects network speed selection settings, enhances Radar Warning Receiver functions and more (check full article for details). Thanks: 3DGamers. Read our review to find details about this flight-sim. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Lock On from v1.00 to v1.02 US/UK Patch (37.9 MB)
  • Lock On from v1.01 to v1.02 US/UK Patch (33.9 MB)
  • NOTE: please make sure you install the right patch for your version of Lock On as two configurations are available - one to update from V1.0 to V1.02 and another to update from V1.01 to V1.02. Files name: LockOnPatch1.00To1.02.exe, LockOnPatch1.01To1.02.exe This is the second patch for Lock On: Modern Air Combat and is designed to address many of the bugs identified following the release of the V1.01 patch. This patch has enhanced the game by providing better performance and stability and enhanced or added additional features. IMPORTANT: Please take a look at the Read Me file for a list of updates and fixes. There are many changes to Lock On as a result of this patch and the Read Me file will provide you with detailed information. You will have to re-set your graphics options and re-configure your input devices following installation of this patch. Several key commands have changed and are noted in the revised KeyCommands.doc that is installed to the /Doc sub-directory. Summary of Changes: - Enhances Radar Warning Receiver functions - Added Mission Goal/Score/Status Window for both Single and Multi-player - Multi-player scoring system added - Added new CCRP bombing mode for U.S. aircraft & "aeronautical mode" for Russian aircraft - Improved performance of AGP-63 Radar for the F-15C - Improved the performance of the AIM-120 AMRAAM. - Corrected network speed selection settings - Several new single-player, multiplayer, and training missions were added - New controller axes added - Revised scripting language used for many settings. - PLUS many, many other adjustments, improvements, and features. Please consult the Read Me file for exact details.

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