Mass Effect 3 N7 Bounty Weekend - Operation Resurgence Underway and Trailer

Join the fight to save the galaxy with the first multiplayer downloadable content pack for Mass Effect 3
All Mass Effect 3 players who have the Resurgence Pack multiplayer DLC operational during this weekend will be granted a Reserves Pack, which unlocks one of the new random alien classes guaranteed. All participating squads will earn +10% additional experience when playing on the Resurgence expansionís new maps, Firebase: Condor and Firebase: Hydra.
Available for no additional charge, the Mass Effect 3 Resurgence Pack includes new maps, characters, weapons, and consumables, If you download the Resurgence Pack and play this weekend you will be rewarded with a Reserves Pack the following week, containing one new Resurgence character.
This Operation is currently available to Xbox 360 and PC users only, and is running fom Friday, April 13th at 5PM PST to Monday, April 16th 5AM PST. Remember to set "Upload Gameplay Feedback" to "on: in the online options to be able to participate in Operation Resurgence.
A new video is now locally mirrored - Sr. Combat Designer Corey Gaspur and Gameplay Designer Eric Fagnan explain the different abilities and benefits for each of the various classes and species you'll be able to play as in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer.