Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet PC Version Released

Experience a captivating adventure set in a unique, rich and insanely twisted world
Shadow Planet Productions has announced that Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet for PC is now available for purchase on Steam for $14.99 USD, and via Games For Windows LIVE Marketplace for 1200 MSP. The PC version not only includes the single-player campaign and multiplayer Lantern Run, but also offers the Shadow Hunters co-op mode which was released as a separate game add-on for the Xbox LIVE Arcade edition of the game.
Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet is an action-platformer in which players guide a spaceship through cavernous environments to escape a mysterious shadow entity. Players explore world maps, clear passageways, and use a whimsical blaster to fire pellet-like missiles at alien creatures (e.g., jellyfish, bug-like robots). Action is sometimes accompanied by explosion sounds; enemies disappear amid brief puffs of smoke or light effects when defeated.