Lagoonia Official Trailer

The video features high-end 3D graphics and vibrant South Sea sounds, which set the tone for a tropical island game
InnoGames today released the official trailer for Lagoonia, a browser game which blends the charm of a sandbox game with social interaction - all on a remote South Sea island. The focus of the browser game is on the relationships between characters and players. Moreover, players plan and create many things that make the island livable and fun: from a warm fire and a cozy shelter, to useful fish nets and rafts, and later in the game lighthouses and waterslides. The game will be playable for free and without anything to download.
The trailer storyline mimics the game, by stranding a character on a remote island after a plane crash. After this, the story jumps further to a time when island society is built up, and many characters are interacting, which is a central game-play aspect. Humor and romance are intertwined in order to appeal to a wide audience, including both genders.