Mercenary Ops Trailer and Screens

Become one of the greatest mercenaries the world has to offer (1:06)
Following the yesterday's announcement, Kalends released a video and five more screenshots for Mercenary Ops, a third-person shooter that implements cover-based mechanics and an active reload system as the foundation of the game's design. The game was enhanced by adding destructible cover, an encumbrance system and maps designed with multiple threat vectors.
In competitive multiplayer, up to 16 players can faceoff in five different game modes, while in co-op, teams of 3 - 8 players take on hordes of AI controlled enemies and mini-bosses in a fight for survival. Players gain experience from killing enemies and completing difficult mission objectives, allowing for more opportunities to access weapon and equipment upgrades, some of which can only be obtained in select game modes.
In the works at Yingpei Games and powered by Unreal Engine 3, Mercenary Ops will launch exclusively for the PC in Summer 2012.