Legends of Eisenwald Kickstarter Campaign Started

An original mix of RPG and strategy, with tactical turn based battles and a simple economic model
Independent game studio Aterdux Entertainment sent over a press release announcing its new project, Legends of Eisenwald, a role playing game with elements of strategy and turn based tactical battles. The game can be described as Knight Errant simulator - a hero with his squad travels on a global map conquers castles, receives tribute from villages and upgrades and gathers troops.
As for battles, creators of the game decided to solve what they perceive to be the main problem of turn based battles: lack of dynamics and slowness. For that reason they discarded "empty" movements without strikes. As a result, a player faces a choice whom to attack at every move. According to developers, it makes a battle intense from beginning to end since a battle outcome can depend on one strike.
When units receive enough experience they upgrade to another level changing their class and appearance. A simple militia man can become either a heavy infantryman or a pikeman who is more suited for defense. Besides, a player can upgrade his squad with armor and weapons. Each kind of weapons has a unique bonus that is advantageous in certain situations.
The release of Legends of Eisenwald is planned for the autumn of this year - the Kickstarter page for the game is located here.