Mario Tennis Open Customization Trailer

A sporty new Mario game for the Nintendo 3DS handheld system is on the way
We have a new video for Mario Tennis Open, a Nintendo 3DS game that offers immersive tennis action featuring everyone's favorite characters from the Mushroom Kingdom in classic Mario style. The Special Games mode lets players hone their tennis skills while enjoying tennis games with a Mario twist. Players can check out games such as Super Mario Tennis, which puts a classic Super Mario Bros. twist on tennis drills, and use their tennis swings to stomp Goombas and Koopas along the way.
Players can choose from their favourite Mushroom Kingdom characters or even compete as their Mii characters. They can also customise their Mii characters with Mushroom Kingdom-themed tennis gear, which not only enhances players’ appearances but also can boost their stats. The wide selection of available gear includes Bowser's favourite racket, a Bullet Bill outfit and Peach's tennis shoes.
Mario Tennis Open is scheduled for May 20th (North America) and May 25th (Europe).