Dicework Seeking Funds for Rimelands: The Hammer of Thor on PC/Mac and Demo/Trailer/Screens

A crowdfunding initiative for the PC/Mac version of Rimelands
Dicework Games sent over a press release announcing they are searching for support to launch the PC and Mac versions of their iOS game, Rimelands: The Hammer of Thor. Rimelands is a roleplaying game, a lot like many dungeon-crawling board and pen and paper games. The setting is a unique blend of steampunk and fantasy elements. It combines old school mechanics with streamlined modern gameplay, offers an intriguing story with an abundance of real-world mythology and great visuals.
The PC and Mac version of Rimelands features a total reimagining of the game, an updated and rewritten storyline, new user interface and improved visuals. Additionally, as a new, and previously unannounced feature, they have added an easy-to-use visual level editor to the mix.
A demo, a gameplay movie and a couple of screenshots have been inserted in our download area.