Nintendo 3DS Update Launched

The latest system update for Nintendo 3DS unlocks a host of useful features to help you enjoy your system to the full
The latest system update for Nintendo 3DS imparts the ability to create folders on the Nintendo 3DS Home Menu, allowing you to more easily organize and manage all of your applications and software. This system update also provides the ability to apply software updates, the first of which will be made available in mid-May for Mario Kart 7. This update will resolve issues that users may have experienced with unfair shortcuts during online play.
Once you perform the system update, you will also be able to stay connected on the go, with the ability to access Nintendo Zone from around 25,000 supported public Wi-Fi access points across Europe. Nintendo Zone is a free, location-based interactive service that allows you to access free content, including 2D and 3D game trailers, product information, screenshots, game demos and video clips. If you are not sure where your closest access point can be found, then you can take a look at our smart new hotspot finder for Nintendo 3DS, which will show you exactly where you can get your system online while out and about.

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