PixelJunk 4am Live Beta Begins

Perform, create, share, live
Sony Computer Entertainment has announced that the Live Beta for PixelJunk 4am, a music video game and music visualizer in the works at Q-Games, is now available to all PlayStation Plus members. The game lets you create your own music using a unique Virtual Audio Canvas to mix tracks, experiment with audio effects and control your composition using the PlayStation Move's full range of motion. You can then stream your performances live to the world through PSN.
This early access Beta is limited to just one visualiser and one song. In the full release though, you can look forward to 7 songs and 6 visualisers with 38 variations, 10 events and over 190 different sounds to play with.
PixelJunk 4am will be released on May 15th, 2012, exclusively for PS3.