Anno 2070 Domination Mode Enters Open Beta

The Domination Mode is an online feature and it can be played only online; patch 1.04 is required
Ubisoft has announced the start of the open beta testing of a new Anno 2070 multiplayer mode called "Domination". In Domination Mode, two teams with up to 5 members are fighting for the highest score. You will get points for solving continuous single-player missions with an increasing level of difficulty: alone or in co-op. If you achieve more points than the opposing tea in a mission, you automatically win this mission and gain access to other missions with different tasks.
The Domination Mode works asynchronously, which means that you do not have to be online simultaneously. Your progress is automatically transmitted to the server, as soon as you save or solve a mission successful. For example you can play one hour, leave the game afterwards and then re-enter it at any time. In the meantime your team members will be able to use the saved game to continue.
For additional details, read this FAQ.

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