Nexon Looking to Buy Electronic Arts?

Both EA and Nexon issued statements saying they don't comment on rumor or speculation
Citing South Korean business daily Maeil Business Newspaper, Bloomberg said that Nexon Corp., a South Korean company with headquarters in Japan (MapleStory, Mabinogi, Combat Arms), contacted Electronic Arts about a possible buyout. In 2011, Neoxn earned 25.7 billion yen ($256.9 million) and revenue of 87.6 billion yen ($1.13 billion). On the other hand, EA, whose fiscal year ended in March, is expected to report revenue of $4.17 billion for the full year. Moreover, EA has a market cap of $5.28 billion compared to Nexon's cash assets of $1.55 billion.
Rumour or not, EA's stock prices jumped by six percent yesterday.