Lineage II - Goddess of Destruction Tauti Update Unveiled and Screens

Second chapter of Goddess of Destruction will bring competitive enhancements including new PvP continent and clan features
Along with these three screenshots, Innova announced that Tauti, the first content update to Lineage II - Goddess of Destruction will bring many improvements and the brand new Festival of Chaos zone, which will tempt and richly reward high-level players with daily 'last man standing' player-vs-player events.
New features for clans will be added including bonus-granting flags and pets, and clan leaders will also be able to align their clans with the forces of Darkness or Light - each choice affects the atmosphere of the castle, and brings unique privileges to the entire clan. An overhauled weapons attributes system will allow players to incorporate both PvE and PvP attributes to their weapons of choice, and many new siege and class-related quests will be included in Tauti, along with skill changes, new talismans, and much more.