Starhawk Goes Gold and Soundtrack Details/Trailer

The successor of Warhawk to be available next week
Sony Computer Entertainment today announced that Starhawk, a third person shooter developed by LightBox Interactive, has reached Gold status and is scheduled to be available in North America on May 8th and across Europe one day later, exclusively for PS3. In Starhawk, the universe is in the future. After the Rush, humans are starting to colonize other planets and reside mainly on the Frontier. The game follows Emmett Graves, who has been infected with riff energy making him an Outcast. Travelling to different areas of the galaxy, Graves and his brother try to take down the Hawks.
Composed by Christopher Lennertz, the score album of the game will be released June 19, 2012 through La-La Land Records. Lennertz has worked previously on the Mass Effect series, Medal of Honor and Gun. His previous films include Horrible Bosses and Alvin and the Chipmunks. Lennertzís most recent film project is the number one movie currently in theaters, Think Like A Man.
A new video is now locally mirrored.