TERA Launches in Europe and Trailer

Both retail and digital versions offer 30 days of free play
Frogster Online Gaming today announced that TERA, a PC-based action MMO title developed by Bluehole Studio, is now available across Europe - the game was launched by En Masse Entertainment in North America two days ago.
Players will begin their journey through TERA by creating a highly customized character from any of seven races and eight classes. After creating characters, they will join with an alliance of all races to save their homelands from ravaging armies that threaten to destroy the very gods who hold the world together. TERA also introduces a revolutionary political system in which players wield power in a province based on their in-game political prowess.
To celebrate this launch, Frogster has released a new episode of its video series "Inside TERA". In this instalment, the TERA team gives more details about the action combat system, one of the most exciting features of the game.

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