Iron Front: Liberation 1944 Red Army Arsenal Screens and Details

Several realistic weapons, aircrafts and vehicles are placed at the disposal of the Russian soldier
Deep Silver has released a new set screenshots from Iron Front: Liberation 1944, a tactical shooter developed by X1 Software and powered by the engine of ArmA II: Operation Arrowhead by Bohemia Interactive.
Part of the Russian arsenal is, for example, the Iosif Stalin 2 tank, an improved version of the Iosif Stalin. It was equipped with thick armor and a long 122 mm gun that was capable of defeating the German Tiger and Panther tanks. It was used by the Red Army from April 1944 and played a significant role in the last fights of World War II. Also parts of the Russian arsenal are, amongst others, the Soviet medium tank T-34, the Katyusha rocket launcher and the bomber aircraft Petlyakov Pe-2.
Iron Front: Liberation 1944 will be available in the US and Europe on May 25, 2012 - a new video can be found here.