Global Soccer Announced and Screens

A virtual world created to meet the needs of football fans from all over the world
Along with these screenshots, Firekom S.A. announced Global Soccer, a new MMORPG sport game developed for PC and currently in open beta testing. In Global Soccer, players must make up their mind as to what position they wish to play on. Then, all they need is a mixture of talent, skills and a bit of luck to become a rich and famous football star. Every Global Soccer players get the chance to build up their confidence, abilities and competence on the pitch. They can help the goalkeeper defend their goal, assist their teammates in attacking or shooting goals for the team.
In addition, players an meet up at the different stadiums of GS, socialize outside the pitch and create their common football clubs to reach out for the best trophies together. Moreover, they earn their own money which in turn can be spent to progress faster, to improve their standard of living as well as to gain prestige and fame.