Nexuiz Movie #2

Celebrating the 8th anniversary of Quake (story), Alientrap Software has released the second movie for Nexuiz, showcasing this upcoming 3D deathmatch game based on the Quake 1 source code (but modified a lot to compete with current games). Nexuiz will be published by SetSystems in this summer. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Nexuiz Movie #2 (11.7 MB)
  • Nexuiz is a 3d deathmatch game that is simply first person shooting reduced to the very basics with perfect weapon balancing. With its very intense and fast gameplay, it will hook the user in. Nexuiz uses such technology as curved surfaces with its detailed maps, bumpmapping, realtime shadows, 64 player support, and an advanced model format. The nexuiz game contains over 1000 TGA textures, 20 very detailed maps, and over 40 characters to choose from. The game is based in a wasteland world where clans own the land. They fight for land and resources. Nexuiz, the commander of the Rhore clan have defeated and captured their neighboring clans. Both Ginsang and the Targlies have been captured by the Rhore. The world is now in danger of being controlled by the Nexuiz overlord, as he slowly conquers the known world. Now each clan of the world must fight Nexuiz in the largest war in known history. Features of Nexuiz: * Over 1000 32 bit custom TGA Textures * 15 Player Models to choose from * New model format called .DPM with skeletal system * 15 new DM maps to frag in * 9 new weapons and much more Features of Nexuiz Engine: * New Model format * Md3 Model Support * Bumpmapping * Larger map size * Doom3 style Dynamic Lights and realtime shadows * Q3 map support * Colored lighting * Lit particles * HalfLife map support * Curved surfaces * External texture support * particle effects * Interpolated model animations * 32bit color sprites supported * Quake2 model support * Directional model lighting * Vertex array based model rendering * 64 player support
    Nexuiz Movie #2 (11.71MB)

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