Conclave Open Beta Begins and Screens/Trailer

Join up to three friends in the RPG you can play anytime you're on the web
Indie game studio 10x10 Room today announced the start of the open beta test of Conclave, a browser-based game that captures the spirit of tabletop roleplaying with friends. Parties of players work together in Conclave to battle back the encroaching forces of darkness. Bringing the unique martial, magical, and tactical capabilities of their characters to bear, parties engage in quests to protect the last surviving stronghold of civilization.
Unlike tabletop RPGs or MMORPGs, Conclave adapts to your speed of play: players can take turns while together online or at different times, and the game moves forward at the collective pace of the party members. Because Conclave does not use Flash, it's also playable from iPhones and iPads, as well as desktops and Android phones. And you can take a turn in a matter of a minute.
The first three quests in Conclave can be played for free. For a limited time during the beta, 10x10 Room is offering special prices on additional quests: a pack of three new quests costs $.99, or a bundle containing all of Conclave's current quests can be had for $2.99. Once one player in a party owns a quest, everybody can play; a single license covers the whole party.
Five screenshots and a trailer have been inserted in our download area.