The Secret World Beta Reaches One Million Registered Players/First Beta Weekend on May 11th

In the first Beta Weekend, named Kingsmouth Calling, players will get to join the Templar secret society starting out in London
Funcom today announced that one million gamers are now registered for the beta test of The Secret World, their upcoming MMO scheduled to be launched on June 19th, 2012. Funcom also unveiled that in just over a month nearly two million unique visitors have come to Funcom's The Secret World websites.
In related news, this coming Friday, May 11th, Funcom will be kicking off the first of several Beta Weekends where gamers get to sample parts of the content and gameplay that will be featured in The Secret World when it will be launched next month. Everyone pre-ordering the game will get to play each of these Beta Weekends, and more content is added from one weekend to the next leading up to launch.