Tribes: Ascend Summer of Tribes Tournament Series Announced and Video

Cash tournaments begin gor Tribes: Ascend. Integrated Live Streams Coming Soon
Between May and August 2012, Tribes: Ascend tournaments will award over $30,000 in cash and prizing, with each event being broadcast live over the internet with supporting game commentary, Hi-Rez Studios announced. Tribes: Ascend will be featured by leagues and tournament providers including North American Star League (NASL), Electronic Sports League (ESL), Cyber Sports Network (CSN), European Game Series (EGS), Curse Networks and FPS General.
The top prize for the summer will be $10,000 prize pool for NASL Season 3. The NASL Tribes: Ascend semi-finals will be broadcast from E3 and the grand-finals will be a live LAN event in Toronto, Canada.
A video is now locally mirrored.